About Lilun

Lilun Magazine features the work of young writers, specifically fifteen to twenty-one year olds. Our mission is to provide a space where young people can publish their work in a substantial and propelling way.

The magazine is produced biannually and showcases pieces from five to ten writers, along with original work from visual artists. We use this online space to communicate with our readership, sell, and archive issues. 

Lilun is the endeavor of Jordan Souza and Mary Snow, two friends in Portland, Oregon. We think that lifting up and working alongside of young people is life-giving. Our name is a play on the abbreviated form of “little ones” and a nod to its use in literature and speech.



Lilun seeks to elevate and propel young people as they establish themselves as writers. Our first step is the magazine. Our long-term goal is to provide rich opportunities for young writers to connect with other writers and gain experience publishing. Your support helps us grow.

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photo courtesy of  Nate Yockey

photo courtesy of Nate Yockey