The Bright Side


For all my life if someone had their hands on me it meant that they were hurting me. 
The only touches I ever felt were those that lingered for years.
Hands that scolded my skin.
Hands that made me shiver with fear.

But then you happened.
I feel your hands on me everywhere, all the time.
Before you I wept when people touched me.
Now, I long to be touched by you.
To be cradled in your hands,
to be engulfed by your touch.
Your touch has become the beauty in a new world

–my bright side.


Amber, a 21 year old originally from Portland, Oregon, is inspired to write about the world around her.  Amber writes, "I had a less than ideal childhood and writing started as an easy way to cope but has become a passion of mine. I write about trauma, love, rape, physical abuse, travel, and just about everything else in my life." For more of Amber’s writing follow @clickclackding on Instagram. 

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