Champions of the Sea


Champions of the sea. They soar, they take, they conquer. The kings of everything; they are the best of the best, the Chosen Ones. The champions of the sea are the golden children, the select few who took apart everything you’ve built in one fell swoop. They are the ones who built their empire upon the rubble of your own. We are the scales that glint silver underneath the surface of the ocean, but they are the sunlight that bears down upon us and the moon that draws us ever magnetically to the land. We are the ones borne of desire and fury and they took the fire out of our breath ten thousand years ago, transformed it with the twisting vines of their hands into fluid destined to follow wherever they lead us, wreaking destruction and hapless to the elements. They are the champions of the sea; we are the spoils of their victory. 


Grace Kwan-crop.jpg

Grace is a nineteen year old student studying Sociology and Writing at the University of Toronto. She writes short fiction and prose poetry, and surrealism is a theme heavily featured in both her writing and photography (which she dabbles in as well). She hopes to do research in and write about sociology in the future.

Grace Kwan