I always thought the way she jumped was beautiful 
Her arms pressed back as far as they could go, 
fingers spread, and palms extended to the sky as if 
greeting the endless possibility the heavens held 
The rain but also the sun 
The warmth but also the cold 
I want to feel free like her 
She didn't know she was exploring 
She wasn't thinking of the way her hair spilled out 
behind her as she leapt into the air, or 
the way her back arched and her legs bent so gracefully 
Her eyes were closed 
Enjoying the moment, not considering the future 
Focused yet carefree, not distracted and burdened 
But I simply can not be like her, 
because a good girl's head is supposed to be in heaven 
with her feet planted firmly on the ground, 
but this rule doesn't account for the sea 
Sometimes my toes are in the sand, 
and my head is in the water, 
and I am trying to reach my fingertips to the skies, 
but the current has got me, 
and I can't breathe with my head underwater 
Waves always crash to shore eventually, 
and I always manage deep breaths in between them 
Though the tides are never-ending, 
I always carry on 


Seo is a Sophomore from Central Washington, where she founded a writing club at her high school. Her first published work is with Lilun, but she hopes to publish a novel soon and build up her resume. She strives to make the mundane beautiful in her writing, and to write layered characters that you can't help but form a bond with.